Enabling Global Events

The Muvix LiveMax™ platform and network of connected

venues, enables the expansion of any event across multiple locations, delivering a richer participant experience.


We partner with the world’s leading brands, event producers and content owners to enable millions of people to participate in global events locally.

Are you a company or a brand?

Want to take your next conference or marketing event up a notch? 


Turn your event global!  

With Muvix LiveMax™ you can easily expand your event across multiple locations and gain access to a much larger audience. Increase revenues and brand impact, while expanding your loyal customer community and enhancing customer success.


Are you an event producer? 

Looking to expand your reach, engage more fans and
increase revenues?


Join our network and get connected with event producers and venues around the world, to turn your event global. Whether it's a music concert, sports event,  fashion show, film festival, or any other event, our patented technology enables millions to participate together in multiple locations globally.

Are you a content owner?

Interested in monetizing your content and increasing your fan base? 


LiveMax™ provides premium content owners a new channel to market, specifically designed for public places. With a network of connected venues providing community access and support for a variety of monetization options, our solutions create new growth engines for film, TV and other content producers.


Our Story & Vision

Muvix is a technology company, founded by Alon Cohen, Founder and former CEO of CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR).


We are passionate about creating opportunities for people to get together, interact, experience and have fun. 

We want to enable the world's first global concert, with a million fans participating together.

We are on a journey to empower content owners and event producers around the world, to create a future where people can easily participate locally in any event, and have  access to premium content, without the hassle, cost and environmental impact of long distance travel.

Our Technology

Our LiveMax™ patented technology delivers multiple, seamlessly synchronized, distinct video feeds displayed on separate large screens. These can be different content channels (such as sessions in a conference or multi-choice film/TV) or multiple streams (angles) of the action in the same event, providing a richer, more immersive experience, perfect for live events (such as music concerts and sports).

Using advanced and patented networking, audio/video, security and computer vision technologies, we provide a high-quality, bi-directional and synchronized multi-content broadcasting network, and a set of tools to manage, protect and monetize content in multi-location events.




Get The Muvix Advantage 



Muvix LiveMax™ enables global expansion of professional conferences, music concerts, sports events and film screening, across multiple physical locations. It provides event producers and content owners the ability to expand their fan base, increase revenues and optimize the impact of their marketing activities, while delivering a richer participant experience.

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Hi qulity backbone
Cloud-Based, High Quality, Live Platform
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Rich Multi-
Screen Video
Security & copyright protecion
Security and
Copyright Protection
capacity control & monetization
Capacity Control
and Monetization 
Multi-choice audio
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